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Please be sure to check out my gallery, there's a lotta different stuff here that befits my title of 'varied artist' - from anime girls to jet fighters, mecha, and military stuff, as well as some photography. :D

Don't forget to browse through the entire gallery, you never know what you might find! ;)

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deviation in storage by RabidMarona
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So much good stuff. Be forewarned, my faves list is HUUUUGE and still growing. :faint:

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Various artwork and stuff based on the popular franchise by Kadokawa and!

My deviantART Story

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 8, 2014, 8:09 AM
Man, it's been over 6 years already since I joined deviantART, and a lot, I mean, A LOT of things have happened ever since.

March 23, 2008... I joined dA when I became a huge Metal Slug fan, inspired by you-know-who from the Metal Slug Database and RL friend AdREPUBLIKA, and began posting my own Metal Slug and Metal Slug-inspired art.

During that time, I was still getting the hang of using Photoshop to draw stuff, and boy, most of them were rather cruddy in comparison to many of my more recent ones. :P Still, I had posted some crummy drawings that were really meant to be crummy, such as Mister Chief (Mister Chief with MA5B Rifle by BoggeyDan), Frank O'Connor's parody of good old Master Chief Petty Officer John-117 of Halo.

I also befriended a bunch of like-mided peeps at the time, such as metalzerofour... back then, he actually had different usernames(!).

Anyways, since I'm usually known for my love of multiple franchises, I was pretty much in the fandoms of various games and shows at the time as well. Such as say, Ace Combat, Battlefield, Transformers Animated... a great deal. I befriended even more peeps such as Skunk-Works, pauldy, and of course...

*drum roll*

... Panzerfire! :iconpanzerfire: Ta-dah!

It wasn't until August of 2008 in which I finally posted my very first journal, and yes, I commented on it about dA V6 at the time. And boy, it sure has changed quite drastically well over that time up to now. First Devious Journal Entry!Welcome to my first ever journal entry!
Anyways, deviantART is pretty much overall a very good place, and the fact that I can share my works with others is amazing. There is so much amazing (and inspiring) stuff to see here that you will really stay and have fun!
Oh, and by the way, deviantART V6 Sleek is still somewhat a bit buggy and graphics-intensive (which is a problem for those with slower connections and computers), but is certainly a mostly good change overall.
I've made a bunch of good friends, and their works are pretty amazing as well.
I have an upcoming artwork piece dedicated to many of them, and all I can say is, you'll be amazed. Once I've found a way to submit it hidden behind a preview picture (because it's kinda huge, can anyone please tell me how to do it?), I'll put it up.
Also, I'm currently working on ~Lord-Megatron/Commander Cool's request (in return for his cool Half-Life meme;)). I may also do a new comic or tw
And it wasn't until September of 2008, arguably the month and year in which I still have the most submissions of all (35!), that I received a very serious critique from a good someone... one that truly shaped me up and paved the way to me doing better, especially in regards to anatomy. You know who you are (sorry I don't know your new account or if you're still here in dA at all!). :thumbsup:;)

Things have arguably gone better since then, though it wasn't until October 2008 in which I started taking things to a higher level, thanks to me learning more Photoshop tricks - the pen tool, using the blur tool to achieve shading at different levels, etc. ;P At the same time, I was finally doing aviation art too - various color schemes for various aircraft, starting with the F/A-18E Super Hornet. FA-18E Super Hornet - VFA-115 by BoggeyDan

Come 2009, and thanks to a drawing by pepaaminto (formerly konsensya), my life started turning towards an even more positive direction, thanks to me discovering the magic of VisualArts/Key's CLANNAD. I had known CLANNAD for quite some time already, but my further immersion into it made me love certain things more and treat them with respect... not to mention it gave me a really WIDE open mind. The Light of Life by BoggeyDan
And yeah, even Mobile Suit Gundam 00 (and to a smaller extent, Nu!Battlestar Galactica) helped in a way. Remember, folks, UNDERSTANDING! :lol:

2009 also made me go with Itaru Hinoue's style (as seen in many VisualArts/Key works) for quite some time, as well as Kazuhiro Takamura's... yep, the man behind the Mahoromatic anime character designs, the Strike Witches anime, Vividred Operation, among others. Dita in Star Trek '09 Uniform by BoggeyDan =P

Later in 2009, I was also brought closer to the world of Touhou Project, but it wasn't until May of 2010 that I was truly swept into Gensokyo, thanks in part to a certain ice fairy... Strength In Blue by BoggeyDan

Yeah, part of the blame also goes to KirbyM and the infamous create.swf program. Walfas Meme by BoggeyDan :iconmarisaohyouplz: And yeah, I also got to meet another legend... yep, HeIrouis. :iconexplodeplz: :iconheirouis: :iconexplodeplz:

And then 2011... it was one of the biggest years for me; got a buncha new friends such as Astre-Thief and Porforever, and of course, there's that summer competition held by :iconthe-hakurei-shrine:, which had me feverishly working on contest entries since its third chapter. Because of that, and because no one else entered in some chapters, I won by default in those aforementioned chapters. That, and I pretty much ended up trying various newer stuff, and I got to write an even better prose ( GGSFE4: 3 Tengu and a FairyI - Reconciliation Amidst the Fireworks
"It's been a long time already, hasn't it?"
"Since we sat down together like this."
It has been several hours since that strange swimsuit contest at the beach that seemingly appeared out of nowhere in Gensokyo, and the now dark night summer sky is blazing with fireworks, a part of the usual Gensokyo summer celebration. Aside from the usual traditional gunpowder and chemical fireworks manufactured by the human and kappa community of Gensokyo, various bullets and fireworks made of pure energy and magic lit up the sky in various vivid and colorful patterns as well.
At a grassy hill near the beach, flanked by two palm trees, two figures sat side-by-side, gazing at the spectacular ongoing fireworks display. Both were dressed in kimonos as a part of the nighttime summer tradition; the one with wavy, flowing black hair has maple leaf patterns in various tones of orange all over her kimono, while the one with silvery hair, wolf ears and a tail, wore a bl
) than the ones I did on October 2008 ( Zombies and Candy"TRICK OR TREAT!!!"
"So what shall it be, little one?"
"I want some candy please, ma'am."
"Here you go. And some baked goodies, too."
"Thank you very much, ma'am."
"Don't forget to behave like a good little fairy!"
Ah, the joys of celebrating Halloween. You get to dress up as your favorite monster, freaky, or maybe even your favorite pop culture character. You get to go around the neighborhood, knock at people's doorsteps, and shout those eternal words.
Usually, much of the people will give you various treats upon doing so. But there are a few not-so-generous grouches that won't give you anything at all, much less scowl at you. Of course, there are also those who don't have anything at all, or have forgotten to prepare for the festivities. They will of course, humbly give you their apology. Of course, it's the thought that counts.
As me and my niece head for the next house, we meet Dita along the way.
"Hey, Dan! How was your trick-or-treat?" she asked.
"Well, it's been good so far," I
) and February 2009 ( Hong Kong, AfterThe blue-bellied white 747-400 has deployed its landing gear, on final approach towards the runway. With a considerable thunk, the plane touches down, its tires screeching. The plane continues to speed down the seaside runway until it comes to a near-complete halt.
"Hmmm, it seems that the aircraft here are pretty much just mostly civilian planes now."
"Hm? Dan, what are you talking about?"
"As you can see, Dita, there's supposed to be an airbase here at Lantau Island where a PLAAF squadron used to be stationed. Now it seems that they're all but gone, more or less."
"Yeah, you're right, now I remember."
As the United Airlines 747-400 taxiied around the tarmac and came to a stop at a boarding bridge, many of its passengers were contemplating upon the events that transpired several years ago in this small country. Even after the small journey through the arrival hallways, shopping at the duty free shops, eating at the cafés, and boarding the tourist buses, they continued to ponder w
Dunno, but the various problems that arose in the contest may also be one of the reasons why The-Hakurei-Shrine seems to be no longer holding them contests? Please tell me why, Silss and Rodie-the-Nightblade! D:

It was also in 2011, particularly June, in which I drew one of my personal most favorites ever... a four-way crossover between Ace Combat Joint Assault, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Touhou Project, and Puella Magi Madoka Magica! Final Battle Imminent by BoggeyDan :woohoo:
September and October 2011 also got me particularly closer to Cirno, and (briefly) brought me back to Armored Core through Nine-Ball, as well as Arsene Lupin III (Monkey Punch's most famous character, the LeBlanc-inspired Lupin III!). Faceoff of the 9-Balls by BoggeyDan I Steal Yo' Candy by BoggeyDan

Come 2012, and I picked up on yet another style... a very simple one, courtesy of Pendleton Ward and his smash-hit cartoon... Aaaaaaaaaadventure Time! Shrine Maiden Time by BoggeyDan :iconfinnandjakeplz: Special thanks goes to nekorandomnessqueen for it as well xDDDD

And by May, I was inspired to do one of those "do it again" memes, thanks to a certain someone. That picture I re-did, it was my old crummy chest-up portrait of Fiolina Germi from Metal Slug! Draw This Again! Meme - Fio Portrait by BoggeyDan :love:

2012 swept me further into yet more fandoms, such as Ib and Regular Show, the former which spawned a rather nice dA muro drawing (Ib in dA muro by BoggeyDan), the latter a new cartoony style. Regular Mamizou by BoggeyDan YEEEAHYUHHHHHH!!! :iconohhhhhplz:

Another notable thing I did in 2012 was a faces meme (Touhou Faces - Who is Who? by BoggeyDan Various Touhou Face Sketches by BoggeyDan) courtesy of Tres-Iques... Cast of Snowflakes? Only Six Faces? Can't truly say for myself in my case. xP

Lastly for 2012, I adopted my first ever adoptable human character from Katsumimi, a lovely fancy-loving twintails french maid! Shirley Mignardi by BoggeyDan <3333333333
Ever since, I also managed to adopt even more just-as-lovely characters, courtesy of Katsumimi (Sierra Lyons by BoggeyDan) and HOAIMI (Elucia Weissenberg by BoggeyDan). Thanks, guys! :tighthug:

Then we have 2013, aka last year (in your face, ancient Mayans!)... I picked up even further on the stuff I did in 2012, and was swept into YET even more fandoms... Pacific Rim, our true solution against invading giants, as well as related cases Sym-Bionic Titan, Titan Maximum (:rofl:), and Attack on Titan made me create another crossover art, one that still remains wildly popular as of this day. Pacific Rim Attack on Sym-Bionic Titan Maximum by BoggeyDan
And of course, there was Despicable Me 2; even though I had known the super-lovable Minions from way back in July 2010, it was in 2013 that I truly welcomed them into my heart. Minion Dan by BoggeyDan Yay by Krissi001
Lastly, there was me getting into Valvrave the Liberator - it inspired a bunch of stuff from me (which were also inspired by Astre-Thief). JIOR Citizen Michiko Gotoh by BoggeyDan JIOR Citizen Megumi Kunisaki by BoggeyDan 
And no, the "Valvraep" scene had absoulutely nothing to do with it xP

Anyways, in the realm of mature content-ish stuff, I made my first ever really sultry dakimakura style pic; it may still seem tame to some, but remember, it already has enough sexual air in it regardless. Please... by BoggeyDan :iconnaughtythoughtsplz:

And finally, we have this year, 2014. I got around to trying even more new styles and stuff thanks to more fandoms/franchises, most particularly Vividred Operation (if only just Himawari Shinomiya herself mostly), Girls und Panzer, and Kantai CollectionChoco Banana Pocky by BoggeyDan Taeko doing Taiko by BoggeyDan Shioi by BoggeyDan

Also, a real Valentine's submission from me as a part of dA's Valentine's cards thing for real! Touhou Valentine's: Reimu by BoggeyDan :XD:

But most notably of all, I finally did a pic that most closely approximates my real-world looks, thanks to a certain screenshot meme. Selfie Cat meme by BoggeyDan xDDDDDD

So yeah, if I sounded like I was gushing about the fandoms I've been in/I am into right now, I apologize. But yeah, it's those fandoms/franchises that allowed me to try/do lots of various things in my art here in dA.

And that is pretty much my story here on dA. What a 6-year ride. :)

Special thanks to a lot of people, my close friends and watchers, that helped make this whole journey a pleasant enough ride. Through laughter, through tears, all that sort of stuff. You all know who you are! Sorry I can't mention each and everyone of you, it's gonna take too long. ;_; My most sincere apologies!

Looking forward (not to mention up!) to the future! Dat Tank Fairy by BoggeyDan

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